How Do I Check My Credit Card Balance Over the Phone?

Simon Potter/Cultura/Getty Images

To check a credit card balance by phone, the account owner must call the issuing bank’s toll-free customer service number, then follow automated directions to input the account number and PIN code, according to Citibank. The balance is obtained by the automated system, or by speaking with a live representative.

The toll-free number for the credit card provider is located on the back of the card or on the front page of the monthly account statement, as noted by Chase Bank. The automated system for most banks allows a user to input either their social security number or full credit card account number to identify the account, followed by a personal identification number, or PIN, as noted by Citibank.

Once identity has been confirmed, the automated system offers an option to hear the account balance. If the user does not have a PIN, or has forgotten the number, he can opt to speak to a customer service representative to obtain a new PIN and find out the credit card balance. The representative typically asks for further identifying information, such as the answer to a predetermined security question or the full billing address for the account. Operators for many credit card issuers are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as stated by WalMart Credit Services.