How Do You Check Your Credit Card Balance?

To check a credit card balance, go online, check the mailed bill statement or call the company number, according to Wells Fargo. Remaining up to date on account balances has been made easier through the different options provided.

  1. Review the past credit card bill
  2. Every month, the credit card provider should mail a printed bill to the address given at the time of sign up. This bill will contain sensitive account information, which includes how much money has been charged to the card overall and the current charges for the past cycle, according to American Express.

  3. Call the company
  4. To contact them by phone, check the back of the credit card. There should be a toll free number to contact the company. Call the phone number and follow the automated message system.

    Generally, it will ask for the account number and a security code before giving the option to view the balance. Be prepared to have this information available when calling.

  5. Check the balance online
  6. To check online, go to the website that is on the back of the card or found when doing a cursory online search of the company. Create an online account if there is not already one attached to the credit card account. Once the account is set up, the balance and history should be available to be viewed.

If the creditor has a phone app, the customer can download the app to his phone first. He connects the app with his credit card account by entering required information. He can then open and log in to the app when he wants to check his balance.