How Do You Check Your Credit for Free?


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Check your credit score for free at the website of a company that offers such services such as Credit Karma. This site allows users to create an account, input some necessary information and immediately get their credit score and credit report. The company claims that knowing such information is a consumer right and that it ensures that customer's private information is protected. The user can return as often as he wants to keep a tab on his credit score.

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Based on a consumer's credit score, he can be offered credit from companies cater to it, explains Credit Karma. Such offers are from loan or credit card companies that advertise on the site. Credit Karma aims to combine the consumer's access to information to availability to such lenders best suited to the consumer.

The site also offers some financial tools for the consumer to use to become better educated about how credit ratings can be affected, such as a credit score simulator, describes Credit Karma. After a user obtains a credit rating, the credit stimulator allows the user to see how hypothetical change in some of the information in a profile, such as obtaining a car loan, home loan or new line of credit, affects the overall credit score.

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