How Do You Check Company Ownership?


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Research strategies and resources for finding the owner of a company include calling the company, checking the website of the firm, and searching for a Better Business Bureau report. Search the state’s database of registered companies, or find the company's details on search engines and social networks.

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Call the company directly to obtain the information, if possible. Search for the company's phone number in a local or online telephone directory. Visit the company’s website, or use a search engine to query the name of the business. If you come across the site, start following the link for more information about the company.

Get help from searching the country or state database of registered companies. Every state provides some details about companies that are registered to conduct business in their state. Start by finding the database, and then search using the business’s name. Whether the details given comprise the name of the owner depends on the country.

Social networks and search engines contain important company information that might be helpful. The primary target of search engines such as Zoominfo and Ziggs, and a business social network such as LinkedIn, is companies. Use these platforms to get the details of the owner.

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