How Do You Check the Balance of Your Wells Fargo Rewards?

How Do You Check the Balance of Your Wells Fargo Rewards?

In order to check a Wells Fargo Rewards balance, Wells Fargo customers log in to their online accounts, and then select the appropriate credit card account from the summary page. Alternatively, customers can log in to the Wells Fargo Rewards website to check their balances. Additionally, there is an automated service that can be accessed via phone to check the balance.

Checking on a Wells Fargo Rewards balance can be done different ways.

  • Log on to Wells Fargo online banking
  • To check the balance on a Rewards account, log in to the Wells Fargo online banking platform. Click on the Account Summary page. There is a Reward Summary box on this page that displays the balance of rewards.

  • Log into the Wells Fargo Rewards website
  • Check a Rewards balance by navigating to and logging in with a username and password. These login credentials are the same as they are for regular online banking with Wells Fargo. In addition, is accessible via mobile devices.

  • Call Wells Fargo
  • In addition to accessing their information and Rewards balances online, customers participating in the Rewards program can also call the Wells Fargo Rewards Service Center to check Rewards balance. The number is (877) 517-1358, as of 2015. The system is automated for balance inquiries, or callers can request to speak with a representative of the Rewards program for more personalized service.