How Do You Check the Balance on a TD Bank Visa Gift Card Online?


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Cardholders can check the balance on a TD Bank Visa gift card by logging on to the TD Bank website, choosing the Banking tab, clicking on Prepaid Cards and under TD Bank Visa Gift Card, selecting the Sign In button to register the card and check its balance.

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The card must first be registered with TD Bank before it can be used. The card number needs to be matched to the name of the cardholder on record so that merchants can confirm the cardholder's identity, according to the TD Bank Visa Gift Card FAQ page. If the merchant cannot confirm the cardholder's identity, he can decline the purchase even if the card has enough funds. Another purpose of registration is for card replacement. In case the card is lost or stolen, TD Bank mails the cardholder a new card. The gift card can be used anywhere Visa is honored, including online merchants. To complete the transaction, the cardholder enters the PIN number, which is the last four digits of the card by default. The PIN can be changed online at TD Bank Card Services. The card has a few restrictions. For example, it cannot be used to withdraw cash, get cash back during purchases, or pay for online gambling or illegal purchases.

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