How Do You Check the Balance of a PayPal Debit Card Online?

The balance of a PayPal debit MasterCard can be checked online by logging onto the official PayPal website and viewing the balance available on the account. Since the debit card deducts funds from the PayPal account balance, the account balance and the debit card balance are the same amount.

The PayPal debit MasterCard allows account holders to make purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard using their PayPal balance. Funds can be loaded onto this card using no-cost direct deposit, transfers from a bank account to the PayPal account or by purchasing a reload pack at a participating retailer. The settings of the PayPal account can be changed to allow purchases beyond the account balance to be deducted from the card holder’s bank account for added convenience.

Signature purchases made with the PayPal debit MasterCard online or by phone provide card holders with 1 percent cash back, paid monthly. This cash-back benefit is unlimited, and this feature can be activated online using the PayPal account settings interface.

The PayPal mobile app allows card holders to access account information anywhere with an Internet connection. This service lets users keep track of balances while they shop, identify nearby reload locations and transfer funds to retailers or private parties while on the go.