How Do You Check Your Balance Online?


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To check a bank account balance online, visit the bank's website and log in using the pre-determined user name and password. Review the digital bank account register to view recent and past transactions along with scheduled payments, recommends About.com.

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Banks and credit unions allow account holders to register for online banking services after opening a bank account. These services typically include automated bill pay and money transfers, according to About.com. They help account holders pay monthly expenses without relying on paper checks, and they transfer funds between savings and checking accounts without having to visit bank branches. Many banks and credit unions also offer mobile banking so account holders can review account balances from a mobile device.

Digital account registers also include other information, such as pending transactions, such as recent deposits and payments, reports About.com. The available balance does not include pending transactions, so account holders must subtract scheduled payments from the available balance to determine the actual balance.

To avoid overdraft fees, account holders must review digital account registers regularly, suggests About.com. Reviewing bank account balances regularly also helps account holders catch banking errors, accounting mistakes or unexpected fees, including ATM fees and overdraft fees, and notice additional income, such as earned interest.

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