How Do You Check the Balance on a Momentum Visa Debit Card?

You can check your Momentum Visa debit card balance at or by calling 866-914-6051, according to the card's official website. You can also check your balance wherever Momentum cards are sold, including Money Mart and The Check Cashing Store.

On the website, you can check your transaction history in addition to your balance. On the phone, you can choose between an automated system and speaking to a customer service agent to obtain your balance. The site recommends cardholders sign up for the free, customizable alerts service to stay up to date on their account balance and transactions. The service sends alerts in the form of text messages or emails.

The Momentum Visa debit card can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted, explains the website's FAQ page. It is a prepaid debit card, and you can only spend the amount you have loaded onto the card. Occasionally, a negative balance may occur when a merchant allows a purchase in excess of funds available. In this case, the cardholder is responsible for the negative balance. A number of options are available to reload the card: visit Money Mart or The Check Cashing Store; sign up for direct deposit on the website; or use Visa ReadyLink at a participating retail outlet.