How Do You Check Your Balance at the Bank?

Checking an account balance at the bank is available through an online station, the ATM or through a conversation with the teller, according to Santander Bank and TDBank. Any of these methods provides the user with the most recent balance.

Many banks offer workstations that give account holders access to their own balances as well as other online banking tools. The process begins when the account holder logs into the online banking portal by entering his username and password. Choosing the account number from his Account Summary sends the banking customer to that account's balance as well as any recent activity, notes Santander Bank.

Having an ATM card allows the account holder to use the ATM at the bank to check his account balance as well. Inserting the ATM card into the slot and following the instructions to enter the PIN sends the account holder to screens that permit a variety of transactions, including getting the account balance, reports TDBank. If the account holder doesn't have an ATM card and prefers not to use the online workstation, going to a teller and verifying identity is another way to get an account balance at the bank, as well as to take care of any other account needs.