How Do You Check Your American Express Balance?

To check the balance of an American Express credit card, visit and log in to the account. However, it is first necessary to register for online services, explains American Express. Once registered and logged in, account balance and other information is available for personal, small business and corporate accounts. Balances for American Express gift cards are also available through

To check a gift card balance, select the Gift Card option from the bottom menu on, notes the company. On the next page, select the Check Balance option from the top menu. Type in the gift card number on the next page to see the account balance. In addition to credit cards and gift cards, American Express offers prepaid debit cards. The balance of prepaid debit cards is available by logging in to the account via

This company also offers the Bluebird card as an alternative to banking, explains American Express. To check the balance for a Bluebird account, log in at This card features direct deposit, online or mobile bill pay, and mobile check deposit tools. There are no overdraft or monthly fees, and no minimum balance is required, as of 2015. Additionally, there are no fees for foreign currency exchanges, online bill pay or card replacement.