What Are Some of the Cheapest Cities in Which to Live?


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Some of the cheapest cities in the United State sin which to live include Harlingen, Texas; Norman, Oklahoma; and Memphis, Tennessee, according to Kiplinger. Forbes states that Birmingham, Alabama has lower-priced homes than many cities and offers cheap amenities and groceries.

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Harlingen, Texas, features cheap housing and food, making it one of the most inexpensive places to live in the United States. The cost of living in Harlingen is roughly 18.4 percent below the national average, and the median home value as of 2014 is about $77,700, according to Kiplinger. A survey of 308 urban areas based on the cost of living index indicates the cost of groceries in Harlingen is among the lowest.

The cost of living in Norman, Oklahoma, is 16.2 percent below the national average. The city features a low level of unemployment and low living expenses, and the median home value is about $149,000, reports Kiplinger. Low monthly rental rates, affordable utilities and stable incomes factor into the low cost of living in the city.

Despite being home to over half a million people, Memphis, Tennessee, boasts a cost of living that is 14.6 percent below the U.S. national average. The median home value is about $98,300, making it relatively cheap in comparison to similar cities, says Kiplinger.

As of the last quarter of 2014, the cost of a home in Birmingham, Alabama, is $130,000, and 81.5 percent of families in the median-pay bracket can afford homes in the city, reports Forbes. Groceries cost 5.4 percent less than the national average, and health care is 16.6 percent lower.

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