How Do You Find a Cheap Truck Rental for Moving?


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To find cheap rental moving trucks, sign up for emails from the major moving truck rental agencies close to where you live, rent a truck during an off-peak time, or find an independent operator for a locally owned company. Compare prices with multiple rental companies in your area, starting with the smallest truck that accommodates your needs.

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Many major moving truck rental companies use emails to share specials, coupons or other rental incentives for customers. Peak times to rent moving trucks are typically the first of the month and weekends, so rent mid-week and mid-month for a reduced rate. Occasionally, a company reduces their rate to compete for a customer's business, so if there is a company you want to do business with, ask them to beat the rate of another company with a cheaper price.

Do not accept any extra rentals with the truck unless necessary. Such items include dollies, furniture pads, moving boxes or storage units. Consider accepting insurance coverage for the truck in case of an accident if your personal insurance does not cover moving trucks. Check the company's policy on one-way or return rentals. One-way rentals usually cost more up front, but return rentals are charged a rental fee plus miles driven during the rental period.

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