What Are Some Cheap Stylus Pens?

What Are Some Cheap Stylus Pens?

Cheap stylus pens are available from AmazonBasics, Walmart and wholesalers such as DHGate. Cheap stylus pens are often sold in multi-packs and are compatible with a range of touch screen devices.

Stylus pens offer versatility and functionality and can be used to keep touch screens free from greasy fingerprints. There are several different types of stylus pens available, and the type required depends on the touch screen. Users who are unsure of their device's screen type can perform a number of basic tests to see which one works best.

If a pen cap or another soft plastic item with a fairly small nib makes the screen react when pressed, it is most likely a resistive touch screen. Almost any stylus works with this type of screen, even the cheapest flexible rubber styluses.

Capacitive touch screens typically require fingerprint touch, which can limit the availability of cheap stylus pens. Many smartphones and tablets have this type of screen, and users need to look for stylus pens that specify the device it works with.

Generic touch screen styluses on Amazon.com are some of the cheapest available. Teviwin sells packs of a dozen two-in-one ballpoint pen and touch screen capacitive styluses for less than $8. Packs of cheap styluses available from Cambond are sold with replaceable nibs. Cheap stylus pens are available in a range of colors, including pink, blue, purple, red and black pens available from XiTech.