How Do You Find Cheap Private Islands for Sale?


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Find cheap private islands for sale by hiring an agent or checking through websites that provide listings. An estimated 1,000 islands come onto the market each year, notes BusinessInsider.com. This makes it possible for anyone with the proper funding in place to find an ideal island to purchase.

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Islands can be purchased in two ways: freehold and leasehold. Freehold purchases are common in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Leasehold purchases are common in Asia and the South Pacific, states BusinessInsider.com. Use the following steps to find a cheap private island for sale.

  1. Do some research
  2. Start by reading articles regarding private islands for sale. Take note of the people who have already purchased islands and how they navigated the process. Do the research through magazines and online resources such as Realtor.com.

  3. Make use of online websites
  4. Use websites that list private islands for sale to identify possible locations. PrivateIslandsOnline.com is an example of a site that provides listings on available islands for sale. On the particular website, refine the search by entering the location and price range. This narrows down the search to affordable islands.

  5. Hire an agent
  6. Hire the services of an agent if online resources do not seem to bear fruit. Agents often have extensive knowledge on private islands that are not listed publicly.

  7. Negotiate the price
  8. Negotiate the price of the private island instead of outright paying for it. In certain instances, owners may be willing to reduce the cost.

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