What Are Some Cheap Places to Live Abroad?


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In a 2015 survey polling expats living abroad, InterNations lists Ecuador and Mexico as the top countries where people live inexpensively abroad. More than half of those surveyed in Ecuador stated that they feel good about their personal financial situation and have enough excess income to accommodate an active lifestyle. Mexico scored lower on the cost of living index, seventh behind Vietnam and Thailand, but came in third on personal finances, jumping up 12 spots from the 2014 survey results.

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Ecuador’s expats are 36 percent retirees, while Mexico stands out for its quality of life on a budget. In another survey, Mercer polled people in 207 cities worldwide using New York City as a benchmark to measure costs against across the board. The company ranks Tunis in Tunisia, and Cape Town, South Africa, among the cheapest cites for expats moving for work. Survey participants answered questions about the quality of life, costs of living including food transportation and housing, and specifics about importing goods and the cost of clothing.

In a bi-yearly poll undertaken by the Economist, Mumbai and Caracas are highlighted as part of the top five affordable cities of the world, as reported by the United Kingdom’s Daily Telegraph online.

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