How Do You Get Cheap Energy Rates?


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One strategy for lowering the cost of energy bills is to shop around for energy companies that offer lower rates. Before switching energy companies, it's important to research various rate plans offered by competing utility companies. Taking steps to reduce energy consumption at home is another way to get cheaper energy rates.

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Seek energy plans that take measures to help customers pay cheaper rates. Some utility companies give customers discounted rates by promoting the use of energy during off-peak hours. This practice reduces energy demand during peak hours, and allows utilities to reduce overall energy rates. Switch to a power company that has an official state license to supply energy to state customers. Having knowledge about how energy companies charge for electricity is crucial to selecting a new supplier.

Figuring out the average amount of money paid per kilowatt hour requires accessing energy bills for the last 12 months. Review the price per kWh, taxes charged and monthly service fees added to the total cost. With numbers in hand, ask energy companies what they charge for those key categories. Cut down on energy costs by repairing leaks around the home that run up energy bills. Replace clogged air and heating system filters, and turn the water heater thermostat down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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