What Are Some Cheap Employee Appreciation Ideas?


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Cheap employee appreciation ideas include public recognition, extra time off or office parties. An employer can also provide pizza or dessert in honor of one or more workers. Other inexpensive appreciation options include gift cards or gift certificates for $20 or less.

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Public recognition is a free or nearly free way to show appreciation for employees. The employer can make announcements at a company-wide meeting, add an employee of the month section to the corporate website, or include a write-up in the company newsletter. A wall of fame that honors special accomplishments is a lasting way to recognize employees.

When recognizing one worker or a small group, an employer can provide extra time off in the form of an extra vacation day, a long lunch, or an unexpected afternoon off. Alternatively, the employer might allow the employee to work from home for a week.

Office parties are a cheap way to recognize larger groups. Pizza, sandwiches and cake are all inexpensive meal options for the whole office. A company can also host a potluck meal to recognize a team or individual.

For small employee recognition events, employers can keep stocks of inexpensive gift cards on hand for coffee shops, fast food restaurants or online music services.

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