What Are Some Cheap Container Homes?

Jim Poteet's container guest house, the New Jerusalem orphanage in South Africa and Marcio Kogan's colorful container dwelling are homes made from shipping containers with costs ranging from $1,800 to $5,000, as of 2015, reports Organics. The modern cargo container home designed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe cost $40,000 overall and consists of two shipping containers, according to Dornob.

Poteet's container home features a rooftop garden, while the orphanage in South Africa was made from 28 donated shipping containers, according to Organics. Other cost-effective container homes include the off-grid container house in Nederland, Colorado, the Starbucks drive-through in Tukwila, Washington and the winter vacation home in Quebec, Canada which was made from seven containers.

Saxe's $40,000 container home combines sustainability with Modernist designs by transforming recycled cargo container residences into a cost-effective, livable space, states Dornob. The container home allows the homeowners to bask in natural sunlight and cross-ventilation. The elevated center of the home was designed with tilted angles for extra indirect sunlight and passive cooling.

Cargo container architecture is an affordable and environmentally friendly home building solution that involves repurposing shipping containers, explains Organics. Shipping containers are sturdy, because they are built to carry heavy loads and withstand heavy weather conditions. Additionally, they are easy to stack to build homes with multiple floors, and they are easy to weld and customize.