How Do You Find Cheap Apartments for Rent in Edmonton?

Find a cheap rental apartment in Edmonton by checking newspaper listings and online classifieds and responding promptly to ads. Be sure to factor in additional costs, such as transportation, and set a firm budget to prevent disappointments or surprises. and are both free to search. Use the provided filters to set the mandatory criteria, such as the price range and the number of bedrooms, and explore the results, contacting the poster of any ad that sounds intriguing. Be professional and polite when contacting landlords, and try to set up a time to view the apartment.

Some people find great deals on rent by moving outside the city center, by moving in with roommates or by moving into very small rentals. Decide on the appropriate balance of price, space and location when searching for the right apartment. For the same budget, one person may choose a studio in the city, while another may choose a two-bedroom on the edge of town.

Set a budget for rent, and only look at apartments within that price range. This prevents the disappointment of finding a beautiful apartment only to realize it is unaffordable. Consider the added transportation costs if an apartment is located very far from work, family or friends, and make sure it is really affordable before signing the lease.