What Does a Chart of Welding Symbols Show?


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A chart of welding symbols shows a variety of welding symbols with their meanings, which are directions to the welder from the designer. Welding symbols indicate where a weld should be placed and include the correct diameter, length and other instructions.

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A horizontal line with an arrow on one end and a two-forked tail on the other end is the general welding symbol. The arrow bends off at the end of the horizontal or reference line on what is called a leader line. The arrow and leader line point to where the weld should go. A geometric shape, known as the weld symbol, added below or above the reference line indicates the type of weld.

Placement of the weld symbol indicates where the weld should be made. If it is placed below the reference line, the weld is made on the arrow side of the joint. If it is on top of the line, the weld is on the side of the joint opposite the arrow. If it is on both sides of the line, the weld is made on both sides of the joint.

Weld width or diameter is specified to the left, and length to the right of the weld symbol. Notes are added in the tail.

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