What Are Some Charities That Help Pay Rent Arrears?

Catholic Charities USA is a national organization that has helped with paying rent arrears. It works through local HUD certified counseling agencies. A list of these agencies can be found at the Catholic Charities USA website under programs, housing counseling. Some other charities are state dependent. For example, Jiggets for Families is a New York City-based charity that provides help with back rent to people on public assistance.

Grants are also available through a variety of sources to pay rent arrears. HomeBase is a Department of Homeless Services program for New York State that helps individuals apply for emergency grants. One Shot Deals is another grant program that can provide emergency grants to cover back rent. However, this program does require that applicants prove they can pay future rent.

Persons facing eviction have options available and need not exit their homes immediately. Most states require both renters and landlords to attend court prior to all evictions. Usually courts will advise mediation in which both parties try to agree to new rental terms in order to pay back monies and possibly continue the rental relationship. Grants are also available for individuals who are the sole providers in their homes or who are single parents.