What Are Some Charities That Grant Wishes for Adults?

Charities that grant wishes for adults include Dream Foundation and One Gift. These charities provide terminally ill adults the opportunity to have one request granted before their passing. Dream Foundation is the largest charity of this type in the U.S. as of 2014, having fulfilled over 20,000 wishes.

Dream Foundation was created by Thomas Rollerson in 1994 after he was unable to find a wish-granting charity that catered to adults. It offers its help to terminally ill patients aged 18 or over diagnosed with less than one year to live. Often, the wishes granted are reunions with family, introductions to their favorite celebrities, trips to amusement parks or, in some cases, simply the payment of household costs.

One Gift is based out of New Jersey, granting wishes for cancer patients who are 18 or over. The recipient must also be under treatment at one of seven hospitals in the New Jersey area. One Gift was founded by two women, Leigh S. Porges and Anne DeLaney, and dedicated to their late mothers.

Outside the U.S., other charities exist for granting wishes for adults. One notable example is Willow, based in the U.K., which gives seriously ill adults from 16 to 40 the opportunity to spend a day undertaking a special activity with their families or friends.