What Are Some Charities for Girls in Ghana?


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Charities that benefit young girls in Ghana include the Wulugu Project, the Ghana Education Project and Bikes for Ghana. Each of these programs promotes female education in one way or another.

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The Wulugu Project was founded in 1993 by Lynne Symonds to help a new girls' school in the small village of Wulugu. The charity first provided the books for the school to get off the ground, and later a hostel that could house over 100 girls in order to keep them safe while on the campus. As of 2015, the program receives requests from the school for improvements and additional schoolhouses to serve the area. The school uses the funding to pay for teachers' accommodations, toilets and water storage tanks, among other things.

The Ghana Education Project provides very similar support for the development of education and associated infrastructure in Nkwanta, which is in northeastern Ghana. The charity was founded by Gill Norris and is registered in the United Kingdom.

Bikes for Ghana was founded by UNICEF ambassador Hayley Westenra. The charity's goal is to provide girls who live in rural areas with bicycles. The program is intended not only to improve enrollment and attendance but also to provide these girls with some measure of security on their way to and from school, which can be a long distance from their homes. The program is supported by UNICEF.

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