How Do You Charge International Calls to a Landline Phone Bill?


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In most instances, the only way to process long distance charges for phone calls to a landline phone bill is to make the call from the phone associated with that service plan. It is not possible to make a long distance call on a wireless phone and defer the charges to a landline bill, even if the customer pays for both services through the same company.

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When a phone company offers both landline and wireless phone access to a customer, she may receive the bills for all her services at the same time or within the same statement. However, the company tracks the charges and usage on each line independently, regardless of the billing format. These companies also track charges according to real time usage, meaning that the company determines the cost of a long distance call while it is taking place rather than after the fact. As such, there is no way to defer charges from one bill to another.

In order to see the long distance charges for a phone call on a landline bill, the customer must make the call from that phone line. This is because each service plan includes its own rates for long distance calls, as the phone company must transfer the connection through different channels in order to reach the service provider in the destination country.

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