What Are Some Characteristics of the Best Tattoo Shops in Chicago?


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According to Tattoo Temple, excellent tattoo shops in Chicago and anywhere else in the world have 11 characteristics clients need to look for before choosing the right one for their needs. These 11 characteristics include cleanliness, proper equipment care, licensing and the diversity and competency of the artist's portfolio.

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According to Chicago Reader, one of the best tattoo shops in Chicago is Deluxe Tattoo. The shop's official website reports that the artists who work at Deluxe have years of experience and detailed portfolios on display.

To determine whether a tattoo shop is high quality, a client must take a look around the shop to ensure everything is clean and tidy. All of the artists should have taken a course about bloodborne pathogens, and the furniture in the shop should have a protective barrier that is changed between every client.

The ink the artist uses needs to be poured into individual cups and thrown away when the artist is finished. Artists should open and discard needles in front of clients. Quality tattoo artists communicate with clients to help them feel comfortable and do not push boundaries. Most quality tattoo shops charge about the same rate for tattoos as competitors, so clients need to be suspicious of artists who charge significantly less for their work. Excellent tattoo artists also give clients a list of aftercare techniques, notes Tattoo Temple.

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