What Are Some Characteristics of a Strong Leader?


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The qualities that make a strong leader include honesty, ability to delegate, communication and confidence. These qualities may form a leader's natural personality, or they may develop over the years as the individual performs leadership tasks.

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Honesty is the foundation of both personal and professional relationships. Strong leaders are the ones that the company and other employees can trust because of their values, integrity and morals. Delegating tasks to appropriate departments and teams prevents piling up of email and tasks, creating an organized and efficient business. Delegation involves identifying strengths of the team and capitalizing on them as well as trusting the employees to do their best possible work while encouraging them to live up to the company's expectations.

Strong leaders maintain clear, consistent communication with their employees. Constant communication makes employees understand the company's vision and mission and gives them an assurance that they are working towards the desired goals. Communication is also important in establishing work expectations, giving constructive feedback and training new employees.

Confidence is essential for strong leadership when the future of the company is at stake. During these times, strong leaders inspire confidence in others and assure employees that setbacks are natural, thus making them remain focused on the goals of the business.

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