What Are Some Characteristics of a Professional?


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Though each industry holds its own specific standards for business professionalism, most typically include an emphasis on appearance, reliability, accountability and a strong work ethic. A professional also places a strong focus on customer satisfaction, maintaining a positive attitude and refraining from speaking ill towards other business contacts or past associates.

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One aspect of a business professional common across multiple industries is a well-kept appearance that is appropriate for the specific environment. This may include wearing a suit in an office setting, a clean uniform in a factory or avoiding offensive and excessively casual attire in other settings.

A professional is also reliable, meaning that managers, coworkers and employees can trust that she is capable of completing her responsibilities in a timely manner and with a certain degree of expertise. Similarly, she is also accountable for her mistakes or failings, taking appropriate responsibly and admitting fault rather than blaming others and making excuses.

A professional also typically has a strong work ethic, necessary to advance a career. This ethic ensures that all tasks are accomplished to the best of her ability, while also pushing to improve over time. Many professionals also care strongly about satisfying customers or clients, going to lengths to accomplish this.

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