What Are the Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment?

Characteristics of a positive work environment include open communication channels between employees and supervisors, a focus on compensating employees appropriately for the work and flexibility to allow for a smooth work flow regardless of unforeseen plans. A positive work environment also encourages employees to provide feedback on all levels and managers to recognize the achievements and efforts of workers.

Open and free communication is important to the creation of a positive work environment because it allows each member of the company to share ideas and observations on matters, without the fear or retaliation for unpopular opinions. Managers that listen to their employees and turn the feedback into actionable steps with visible results also make employees feel as if they actually have a say in the function of the company; this generates a positive environment. Similarly, the managers should also implement a system that rewards employees for hard work, either through monetary bonuses or other benefits, which acts as positive reinforcement for the work.

Positive work environments also feature flexibility across many sections, ranging from work options to dress codes, which helps reduce employee stress that comes from striving to meet rigid standards. The company should also pay the employees a fair wage for each role and include the appropriate perks and benefits, which allows employees to see that the company appreciates the efforts and thus creates an air of positivity in the workplace.