What Are Characteristics of Mass Communication?

characteristics-mass-communication Credit: Flying Colours Ltd/Stone/Getty Images

Mass communication sends one message to a mass audience and typically does not allow for interaction between the two. Another key characteristic is that it provides the opportunity to influence society by reaching a large audience.

Mass communication became popular in the late 1980s as more people relied on television and newspapers to gain their news. It gained momentum in the 1990s as even more avenues for mass communication emerged.

Because of its wide reach, mass communication transformed how people received their information. It also gave companies an opportunity to target their messaging to specific audience members, enabling brands to analyze key demographics and tailor their products specific to these groups.

Mass communication started to evolve with the adoption of the Internet and social media. One-way dissemination of messaging is still prominent, but two-way engagement has helped improve the reach and engagement among target audiences.