What Are Some Characteristics of a Good Manager?

Some characteristics of a good manager include good communication skills, problem solving skills, planning skills and leadership skills. Good management is important to the success of a business.

A good manager must know how to communicate well with his employees, clients and other managers. The phone, in person or email are the different ways that communication can take place. Also, a good manager must be a good listener and know how to interpret nonverbal communication.

A good manager identifies problems and solves them to the best of his ability. A problem can be a stubborn customer, a difficult vendor and a personal issue, among others. The manager thinks of a creative solution to the problem and implements it immediately. Also, a good manager does not run away from problems. He takes responsibility.

Being organized is important for a manager. The manager must know the tasks that need completion and their deadline. He understands the goals of the organization and what the team members must do to achieve the goals. The manager plans the steps required to achieve a goal and lets the employees know about those the steps. It is the responsibility of the manager to plan the inventory, schedule and budgets of every department.

The manager must lead his employees while displaying emotional stability. He should not let stress and frustration prevent him from carrying out his duties. Also, the manager should be enthusiastic and not let failure and mistakes affect him.