What Are Some Characteristics of Good Leadership Skills?


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Proactivity, flexibility, respect and solid communication are four traits associated with solid leadership skills. People demonstrating these characteristics show both the confidence and the presence of mind to lead others effectively.

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What Are Some Characteristics of Good Leadership Skills?
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People who are proactive are thinking several steps ahead of the present situation. This allows them to plan ahead rather than get caught in problems that they could have foreseen. While not every problem is predictable, having solutions in hand for as many predictable ones as possible bring calm and consistency to an organization. People in leadership who are constantly reacting to surprises raise the stress levels for themselves and those around them.

Sound communication skills require having the confidence to listen to feedback from others. While the leaders may be responsible for the organization, they do not represent all of the needs and perspectives of the workers who make up the organization. Asking questions and listening to answers provide more options from which to choose the best direction.

Respect for the other members in the organization shows that a leader is not simply pursuing his own ends. Making sure the group's work is a collaborative endeavor through mutual respect creates intangible value that often produces concrete results. The end result is a combination of team members as opposed to a monumental undertaking by one person.

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