What Are Some Characteristics of Good Leadership?


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Good leadership involves being able to effectively communicate ideas to a team. With smooth communication, employees can be more effectively trained, and feedback can be provided in a constructive manner. This results in an adaptive team that can change based on the changing needs resulting from new situations that arise. A leader should also be able to create a positive work environment by being personable and good-humored and behaving as a team member as well as a team leader.

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The ability to be intuitive when confronting problems, and to be creative and think outside the box when considering solutions to problems that may arise, is an integral aspect of good leadership. A team must look to its leader for guidance when making quick, sudden decisions. A leader should be trusting; the team should be involved in the decision making process. Good leadership involves delegating tasks comfortably and being able to decide with confidence which team member is best suited for each task. When team members feel micromanaged, they may be discouraged from performing to their highest standards. Conversely, a team that feels trusted, appreciated and heard by its leader is much more likely to be invested in the task at hand.

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