What Are Some Characteristics of a Good Leader?

What Are Some Characteristics of a Good Leader?

A good leader is intuitive, exudes confidence, inspires by example, is strong willed, and yet is humble and accommodating. She is an attentive lifelong learner who is able to inspire others to follow a vision and mission. A good leader is creative and a good planner who charts a course of action for those under her.

A good leader demonstrates passion regarding vision and objectives. She is honest and a good manager of resources. She expresses ideas and expectations that are not only realistic but rewarding and helps her team improve by being sincere, objective and open.

A good leader is an intuitive hard worker with a thorough understanding of core business objectives. She has a keen eye for details, time management and accountability, encouraging focus and discipline among the team members. She is open-minded and firm when making decisions. A good leader is organized, thoughtful and forward-thinking, always maintaining the big picture as the primary goal. She has both short-term and long-term goals that drive the team’s everyday objectives.

Teams and individuals grow when a leader guides them through responsibilities. A good leader has the ability to trust and delegate tasks to others, creating room for growth and allowing the leader to spend time more effectively.

A good leader is not afraid to try new ideas by taking risks. She builds and learns from relationships with like-minded individuals.