What Are Characteristics of a Good Accountant?

What Are Characteristics of a Good Accountant?

Characteristics of a good accountant include confidentiality, a strong work ethic, a desire to keep learning and a focus on his clients. He should be humble about his abilities while giving the appearance of success.

Confidentiality is important because accountants deal with the finances of other people and businesses. These clients want to feel that their information is safe.

A potential client wants to receive service worthy of the fee he's paying. A successful accountant needs a strong work ethic to ensure that he provides a high level of service that's equal to his status.

A desire to learn is important because tax laws change frequently. An accountant who keeps up with accounting laws through continuing education courses and other methods has an advantage over one who doesn't.

A client wants to feel important, regardless of how large his accountant's roster is. An accountant can show he cares about his clients by considering what they want and speaking to them in a manner they can understand.

No accountant is perfect, but a good accountant knows his weaknesses and how his team complements him. At the same time, successful people tend to look for other successful people. An accountant who demonstrates his success attracts clients.