What Are Characteristics of the Five Top Paying Jobs?


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The five highest-paying jobs require a college degree, rely on technical innovation or offer accelerated growth opportunities. These jobs do not necessarily encompass all three of these factors, but at least one of them always exists.

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A college degree, and often an advanced degree, is essential in securing a higher salary. Most of the highest-paying jobs are in the medical field. For instance, dentists, orthodontists and surgeons are some of the wealthiest practitioners. Securing one of these positions requires several years of schooling even after completing a four-year undergraduate program. In addition, advanced certification may be required before a person can legally practice in one of these fields.

The highest-paying jobs also evolve with technology. In the health industry, improvements in medication impact how practitioners treat patients. In the airline industry, radar enhancements offer pilots more security when undertaking long-distance routes. These are just two fields containing some of the highest paying jobs, and the compensation in these fields is correlated with technological growth.

Finally, some of the highest-paying jobs offer notable growth opportunities. Growth comes not only in compensation but in rank as well. There may not be a fully structured promotional system, as the highest-paying jobs offer new positions as the industry evolves. Positions within science, technology and the medical field all offer considerable salaries with an intent to promote.

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