What Are Characteristics of a First Aider?

According to Bob Kelly of the Houston Chronicle, first aid workers must be able to think quickly in emergency situations and handle changing demands in response to the needs of an injured patient. They must also be able to work well in teams in an effort to orchestrate the best medical care possible. It is vital that first aid workers possess excellent communication skills and maintain their composure during crises.

Kelly explains that first aid workers are often the first responders to an accident scene and must be able to quickly assess a patient's injuries, so that the proper care is given until paramedics arrive on the scene. This is especially important in situations where multiple people are injured, and first aid workers must decide in which order to treat the crowd's wounds. It is common for people to be in shock after an accident and lose their bearings, so first aid workers must be able to stay calm and collected, while obtaining necessary information from patients about the extent of their injuries.

First aiders must also be able to retain this information, so that they can accurately relay it to paramedics once they arrive. They are often expected to work grueling shifts, and this sometimes requires being exposed to undesirable weather conditions.