What Are Some Character-Building Lessons Taught by the Order of Eastern Star?


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Many character-building lessons taught by the Order of the Eastern Star stem from biblical stories such as those from the Book of Ruth and the Book of Esther, many of which focus on loyalty and bravery in the face of hardships or judgment. The order also teaches members the importance of brotherly and sisterly love, charitable actions and spiritual awareness.

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The Order of the Eastern Star is an appendant body to the Freeman organization that differs from many others in that it accepts both men and women into its fold. It also focuses heavily on teaching character-building lessons through the stories and characters of the Bible, specifically through many female characters from the Old Testaments. For example, one prominent figure within the organization is the Jewish queen Esther, who married the Persian king Ahasuerus. Her story focuses on her dedication to her people in spite of the actions of the king and his cohorts, emphasizes her bravery and determination.

Many of the other lessons taught through the organization place a strong focus on thoughtfulness and understanding of other people, frequently through caring and charitable actions. They encourage members to participate in kind acts and help members of their communities, regardless of religion affiliation or social status. This helps the members to focus on the greater good of humanity and grow compassion for others, rather than solely pursue intellectual or self-serving goals.

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