What Changes Have Been Made to the 2015 W-2 Form for Self-Employment?


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Changes related to the W-2 form for the 2015 tax year did not include changes to the form itself but rather to how the Social Security Administration handles particular discrepancies found on forms, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Under certain conditions, the SSA notifies submitters of W-2 forms that they must make corrections and re-file the forms.

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New policies that went into effect on January 1, 2015 require the Social Security Administration to notify the submitter of a paper or electronic W-2 wage report that they must correct and re-file the form if it indicates that the sum of wages and tips subject to Medicare tax is less than the sum of wages and tips subject to Social Security tax; that the sum of Social Security wages and tips is zero, but the Social Security tax is greater than zero; or that the sum of Medicare wages and tips is zero, but the Medicare tax is greater than zero.

In addition, the SSA notifies household employers of a need to make corrections to and re-file a W-2 form if a form that was issued to an employee and filed with the SSA indicates that Social Security tax or Medicare tax was withheld during a reporting period in which the employee's earnings did not surpass the minimum amount necessary to trigger withholding of these taxes.

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