How Do You Change Your Postal Address?

In the United States, postal addresses can be changed through the United States Postal Service. Form 3575 is required to make this change. This form is available at the local post office and can be filled out on-site or by requesting the form directly from USPS. Address changes can also be made on for a nominal online verification fee.

Contact information for USPS can be found on After requesting Form 3575, fill it out completely. Next, mail it back to USPS, or take it to the local post office in person. In lieu of incurring a fee, simply print out the online application for a change of address, and return it to the local post office. As of September 2015, the online verification fee is $1.05.

Filing for a change of address online offers several benefits in addition to convenience, including immediate confirmation of the change by email, an added layer of security, and additional offers and resources. Information for a temporary change of address can also be found on the USPS site. also features information about changes of address, as well as advice about other government agencies you may need to consult when moving to a new location.