How Do I Change a Name on a Real Estate Deed?

Changing the name on a real estate deed requires signing a new deed to transfer ownership to another person and then recording the deed in the jurisdiction where the property is located, according to Working with a real estate attorney ensures proper execution of the transfer.

The grantor of the deed is the individual who initiates the transfer, according to FindLaw. The grantee is the individual who receives it. The grantor signs the deed in the presence of a notary public and in some states, one or more witnesses, according to Nolo. He then takes the deed to the county office responsible for recording deeds. This office is usually located at the county courthouse and may be called the recorder's office, land registry office or register of deeds. The registrar will need the original deed.

A grantor can use any of a variety of different deed types, Nolo notes. A quitclaim deed, for example, simply transfers ownership without making any warranties as to whether anyone other than the grantee, such as a lien holder, has interest in the property. A grant deed promises that a deed hasn't been granted to anyone other than the grantee. A warranty deed guarantees a clear title.