How Do You Change the Name on a House Deed?

Changing the name on a house deed requires a certified copy of the existing deed with all pertinent information filled in, and a fill-in-the-blank deed form with the new information filled in, left unsigned. These forms, along with proper identification need to be taken to the county recorder’s office for the change to be granted. Fees vary by county for this service.

Changing the name on a deed is an easy process as long as the homeowner gets everything together beforehand.

The original deed should contain accurate information before requesting a name change. Once the homeowner has verified all pertinent information, a blank deed form can be obtained online or at the county clerk’s office. On this form, the person transferring interest is called the grantor while the person whose name is being added is the grantee. Fill in all necessary information, but do not sign the form, as that must be done in front of a notary.

Once at the county recorder’s office, the county clerk will verify the validity of the forms and the identification of those taking part in the name change. He or she will act as a notary when the forms are signed, and after the fee required by the county is paid, will process the forms.