How Do You Change Your Medicaid Provider?


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Individuals enrolled in a state Medicaid program change health care providers by contacting the existing health plan company to discuss options, according to New York Medicaid Choice. In states such as New York, individuals may change health care plans after remaining in an existing plan for one year.

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People contemplating switching Medicaid health plans must consider issues such as doctors, hospitals and services, according to the Ohio Medicaid Hotline. A good plan provides adequate access to family doctors and hospitals that family members prefer. Extra services such as dental hygiene and oral care, vision exams, eyewear prescriptions, and transportation to and from doctor appointments are available for some plans. Individuals must also check to see which services are fully covered by Medicaid and which require co-pays.

Medicaid is a federally funded health care program, but each state decides how it wants to administer the program. States can change federal income levels to allow more people to enroll, or cut people from the program, notes About.com. Coverage options under Medicaid vary by state, and options include dental care, vision care, mental and home health services. Additional options include physical therapy and rehabilitation for injuries and hospice care for terminally ill patients. Standard Medicaid benefits include lab tests, X-rays, hospital procedures and nursing care services for adults age 21 and older.

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