What Are Change Management Plan Templates?


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Change management plan templates outline the proper procedure for a change that may occur during a project. In order to keep a project on schedule and on budget, a change management plan template should be filled in, kept on file and used by project management to execute any necessary changes in the most efficient way possible. A change management template typically includes an introduction, change management approach, definitions of change, change control board, roles and responsibilities of team members and the change control process, according to Project Management Docs.

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Change management plans are important to keep communication about a project open for all parties. Using a template can make creating a change management plan a simple process. An introduction is first on the template to set up that the document will outline the process of change management for a particular project.

The change management approach outlines the approach that will be taken should a change arise, such as how the change will be implemented and how it will be managed. The definitions of change section simply outlines the different types of change that could be encountered such as scheduling, budgeting and scope changes.

The change control board and roles and responsibilities sections list the names and roles of specific people, such as sponsors, managers, technical leads and the operations lead, and their responsibilities during change management. Finally, the change control process section is a detailed list that depicts the step-by-step process of how a change will be managed from beginning to end, states Project Management Docs.

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