How Do You Change Your Address With the Internal Revenue Service?


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You can change your address with the Internal Revenue Service by entering your new address in the appropriate boxes on your income tax return, explains the IRS. You can also submit Form 8822, a change of address notification, to the IRS at any time throughout the year, as of 2015.

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You can also change your address by providing written notification to the IRS center that receives your filed income tax return, according to IRS.gov. To do this, write a letter that includes your full name, your old and new addresses, your Social Security or employer identification number, and your signature. Joint returns should include information for both taxpayers.

If you filed a joint return but have since established a separate residence from your spouse, each spouse should notify the IRS of the new mailing addresses. If the IRS contacts you regarding your account, you may be able to verbally provide your change of address to the IRS agent, the agency reports.

If you make tax payments throughout the year, you should mail the completed Form 8822 to the IRS campus where you file your return and continue to use your old pre-printed vouchers until you receive new ones. You should not correct the address on your old voucher, advises the IRS.

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