What Chains of Retail Stores Operate in the United States?

What Chains of Retail Stores Operate in the United States?

The Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, Target and The Kroger Company are some chains of retail stores that operate in the United States. Some are general retailers that offer a wide variety of products, while others have a narrower market focus.

Walmart is the largest retail chain in the world by a sizable margin, as of 2015. Superstores are the primary business model of this retailer. Walmart customers can purchase virtually every item they need in their homes and for personal use, from clothing to groceries. Walmart's main attractions are its low prices and one-stop shopping model. The company reported over $330 billion in business in 2014.

Costco has a similar product coverage and market focus as Walmart, but with the goal of encouraging customers to buy in bulk for additional savings. Target has superstores like Walmart and Costco, but also regular outlet stores that do not sell groceries. Target stocks upscale inventory to avoid competing with major discount stores.

The largest grocery store chain in America is The Kroger Company, with more than 2,600 stores in 34 states. The company's main focus is groceries, but most of its locations also feature books, movies, no-contract wireless products and pharmacies.

Home improvements, renovations and repairs are the market services offered by The Home Depot. This company stocks plumbing supplies, electrical equipment and raw materials such as lumber, as well as appliances and power tools with delivery and installation services.