What Are Some Chain and Department Store Closings Since 2000?


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Montgomery Ward, started as a mail-order business in 1872, closed its 250 stores in 2011 following poor sales during the 2000 Christmas season. Borders, a retail store that sold books and music and operated more than 1,000 locations at one time, filed for bankruptcy in February 2011 and shortly thereafter closed its remaining locations that summer.

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After several previous rounds of store closures, Linens n' Things liquidated and closed all remaining stores following the 2008 holiday shopping season. The home goods retailer at one time owned and operated more than 600 locations. KB Toys, once a store featured in malls nationwide, suffered declining sales and closed a large number of stores in the early 2000s before closing for good in 2008. Circuit City, formerly the second largest electronics retailer in the country, went out of business in 2009.

Ames Discount Stores, which became the fourth-largest discount retailer in the nation in 1998, closed all 327 of its stores in 2002 due to continued declines in sales. The last remaining Sam Goody retail music location closed in 2012. Dunlaps Department Store, founded as a general store in Oklahoma in 1890, liquidated and closed all 38 store locations in 2007. The store operated in locations in third- and fourth-tier markets across the nation.

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