How Do You Get Free CEUs As a Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapist? is a website that lists free courses for Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, for physical, occupational and speech therapists. Commercial training sites also offer a limited number of free CEU certification classes. Among these are and collects information about free CEUs from around the Internet, then lists courses in the fields of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as many other health-related disciplines. To view courses, select the job function from the landing page. It also offers a free newsletter with updated and new listings. However, the site, which is provided by the USA Travel Nurse Guide, has a few caveats: users must check the provider's accreditation information and other terms and conditions, and the site doesn't guarantee the accuracy of the listings. Students may additionally have to provide credentials in order to receive credit for completing a particular course., a site which offers free CEUs for both physical and occupational therapists allows users to select the profession from the home page, and click on the Free tab to find appropriate courses. However, the number of free courses are limited, as is the case with Finally, companies such as Today in PT and OnlineContinuingEd offer free introductory courses in exchange for registering on their websites.