Why Are CEU Credits Necessary for Nursing?


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Continuing education credits, or CEUs, are necessary for nurses because they assure that the nurse is informed about changes in the field and updates to acceptable practices. Many states require a minimum number of continuing education unit credits for nurses to retain their licenses.

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Because the health care field changes whenever new discoveries are made and new practices become commonplace, nurses must strive to update their knowledge and skills to remain effective as medicine advances. CEU credits provide a form of proof that the nurse has attended classes or competently completed exams and workshops designed to impart the skills needed to continue working in a modern medical environment. Continuing education courses offer an alternative to going back to school for BSN or MSN studies, allowing a registered nurse to continue working without seeking an advanced certification.

Each state sets its own requirements for CEU credits for nurses, but most require a specific number of credits, at minimum, to permit license renewal. Nurses can take CE courses in traditional classrooms or online, but a state-approved education provider must handle the coursework. Continuing education can help improve patient care, while also protecting the nurse from issues arising from regulatory changes, new laws and new technologies.

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