How Do You Get a Certified Check?


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Go to the bank and request written certification that a check you plan to present is good. This takes the form of a written acknowledgment from the bank that the check itself is real and that enough money is present in the customer's account to cover the check upon deposit.

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The bank adds its signature to the check when certifying it. As a result, both the bank and customer can be found liable for the payment. If someone deposits your certified check and the check does not clear, the recipient has the option of pursuing both you and the bank for remedies.

Be prepared for the bank to put some conditions on the certification, such as voiding the check after a period of time. If the bank staff made an error in certifying the check or you fraudulently obtained certification, the bank has the right to cancel the certification and notify the recipient. One of the potential problems with certified checks is the possibility of forgery. Banks don't have to pay when the certification has been forged. One alternative is a cashier's check, which the bank issues after drawing the funds from your account. The bank is the only signatory, taking responsibility away from the account holder and ensuring that the funds make it to the recipient.

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